Fruit: Large, dark red berry, medium acid. Willamette is the old standard and most widely planted raspberry worldwide. Heavy producer of berries that ship well. June harvest. Cane berries prefer a deep, well-drained, fertile soil and typically bear fruit on 2-year-old wood with everbearers producing on first-year wood. They thrive in most soil types. Cane berries are versatile and hardy in the coldest climates where other fruits fail. Plant late winter to early spring.


Meeker raspberry plant is a floricane fruiting red raspberry cultivar that is more widely grown for machine harvesting and IQF processing than any other cultivar in the Pacific Northwest. It is well adapted for the local fresh market as well. Fruit ripens mid season and has excellent raspberry flavor. Susceptible to both raspberry bushy dwarf virus and phytophthora root rot.